The old school distillery

The Old School Distillery was opened on the territory of the former old school. Years ago, the successful winery started with production of various types of spirits and liqueurs from sweet ones to stronger ones. The unique look of the bottles and the awesome unusual taste of the liqueurs enabled the owners to sell it on the entire territory of Croatia.
In our Premium DWA 150 L still they are making: Honey brandy, Original orange spice liqueur, Coffee and cheery liqueur, Mastletoe brandy, Moscatino chocolate - Wine&Chocolate liqueur and winter gin. With the help of one column with 3 bubble plate segments they are making the favorite easy to drink spirits for everyone.
This still can produce same or even better quality as a traditional still but with significant time saving. By the help of 3V valve this still can be used as traditional still, column still or gin still.

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