the extraction of alcohol from beer

On request of a well-known Serbian brewery, we tested the extraction of alcohol from beer 🍻🍺 on the DES Performance hobby still, the capacity of 100L. Alcohol can be further used for gin, liqueurs ... The procedure was interesting, below you can find the results:

At the beginning, we put 60 liters of 4.8% vol beer into a 100-liter boiler, then we gradually heated the liquid in the boiler. During the distillation, the beer was purified by bubble plates in the rectification column, after which we separated 3 liters of alcoholic desilate with an average strength of 74% vol.

Finally, at the end of distillation, we separated an additional liter of alcohol average strength of 45% vol, and the final product will be approximately 6.5 liters of alcohol of 40% vol, with smooth smell.

If you have an experiment that you would like to try in our distillery, you should know that DES is always available, visit us at adress Gornji Verušić 58, Subotica.

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