Making milk vodka

Elaine Elizabeth’ is in the middle of a run-making milk vodka, so she’s rather hot! 🥵 Somerset Milk Vodka won Double Gold at the San Francisco World’s Spirit Competition. On the second pic, you can see the perfect pair, Somerset Milk Vodka and Milk Gin representing all the best bits of Somerset. 🍸

Now is time for us to present our still... (smiley)
This multipurpose pot still is designed for making different alcoholic beverages. It is a two rectification column (10 bubble plates) still electrically powered, manufactured for modern type distillation and obtaining high proof alcohol in a single run. This unit does a vast variety of spirits since it has 10 bubble plates divided into 2 columns of 5, plus it has a gin basket and can also do a classical traditional pot still run, from pot to cooler with the help of 3 V valve. With receiver tanks, it is easy to separate different fractions and collect the final product.

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