Lytham Gin

Meet the beautiful Elsie, the copper still behind Lytham's finest Gin.😋
Have you ever wanted your own branded spirit?
Lytham Gin is one of the UK’s leading and most awarded craft gin producers. It all began with a long-held love for the juniper predominant spirit and a dream to craft the best-tasting gin in the world.😋
Bees Knees was awarded the World's Best Old Tom Gin by the Gin Guide in 2020. They are using 150 L DWA premium still specially designed for gin making.
Owners of Lytham gin said that creating the business and learning about how to make gin with all the different styles and tastes gin has to offer has been one of the most interesting and exciting periods of their lives.🥽
Sara, the creator of LYTHAM GIN is a chemistry graduate who specialised in organic molecules (which are what gives gin its flavour). 👩‍🔬
Paul, the co-founder used to specialise in manufacturing processes and systems at one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.
If you are interested in we are still available at

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