Distilling with a soul

On the beautiful Croatian Island of Vis, a couple turned a former military warehouse into a multi-purpose distillery called "Tastes of Vis". They started the whole project with the desire to produce a gin with recognizable flavors of Vis, and in just a month, a DES 300 L sill was delivered to their distillery, which opens various possibilities for the owners.

The still is the heart of every distillery, so it is very necessary to dedicate a lot of attention to configure a perfect still:

1. Define the types of alcoholic beverages you want to produce;

2. Then you need a small capacity still which you should use to define the base original small scale recipes for obtaining your unique distillate;

3. Define the quantities of mash that you plan to process annually and what quantities of final distillate you would like to produce;

4. Which heating option you would like to use: electricity, gas, solid fuel ( wood ) or steam injection via steam generator or maybe a combination of two;

5. Would you need additional equipment (stainless steel storage tank oak barrels for aging wine and brandy, fermentation tanks, fruit processing equipment, barboter, destoning machine, fruit mill ...) DES can do that for you.

Once you answer these questions, we need 45 days to make your dream still a reality installed at your distillery.

Disclaimer: time of 45 days or less applies to continental Europe. Transcontinental clients must add transit time to destination.

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