Bath & West Country Festival UK

Our distributor Desstill Uk was a sponsor of Bath & West Country Festival this weekend in the UK.
Beside his award winning Milk Vodka he presented our premium 120 L traditional pot still.
During this beautiful weekend all visitors were able to try and taste his gorgeous creamy spirits, delicious milk Vodka and milk Gin, all made in our PREMIUM stills. 🐄🥛🍸
Classic Alembic 120-150-200L still, encourages you to make gin, vodka, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages in the traditional way. This still is powered by electric heaters, but depending on our customer's individual requirements, it can be also powered by solid fuel, gas or we can also make a combo of two different heating options.
If you are interested in distilling contact us by email or visit our website and select Premium category🎉

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