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DWPA Classic 500 L

In stock

Gas or electric heating
Designed with ability to add a column
Designed for easy and quality distillation

Model Double Wall Premium Alembic Classic  Premium
Capacity  300-2000 L Net
Furnace material  Stainless steel 430
Furnace insolation Thermo polimer EPDM  EPDM thermopolimer
Furnace working temperature ( temperature of water )  104-120 °C
Furnace working pressure ( safety valve pressure )  0,5 Bar
Gas heating  50-90 kW
Electric heating  36 kW
Optional: Heating on solid fuel  Wood heating
Material of still ( boiler ) – electrolytic copper  Cu 99,99 %
Upper part of still – electrolytic copper  Cu 99,99 %
Cooling system - flowing  Stainless steel 304
Parrot (alcohol meter holder )  Stainless steel 304
Electric mixer with reducer 90 RPM *vertical  0,37 – 0,75 kW
CIP system for automatic cleaning included  3 unites
Manufacturers warranty  3 years