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Model Hobby 30L - With mixer - Solid fuel

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Hobby pot still
The 30 l boilers are manufactured with the mixer on solid fuel

2.390,00 RON


The fruit distilling pot still is a distillation assembly designed for home-made brandy making. Through the distillation process, an alcoholic distillate is obtained from the alcohol fermentation of fruit mash (plums, pears, apricots, grapes, etc.). The distillation pot still consists of a copper boiler to which heat is applied that enables vaporization of the alcohol, a cooler in which alcohol is condensed and a connecting tube that connects both of the vessels.
All the parts of the distillation pot still that get in contact with alcoholic distillate during the distillation process are made of pure copper. During the distillation process, copper binds i.e. neutralizes a large portion of the acid and other chemical impurities that are generated during fruit fermentation or distillation itself.
The small-size brandy distillation pot still consists of a furnace, with a mounted-on boiler, on top of which a lid is placed and fastened by a latch.The boiler is connected to a cooler by a connecting tube called a lyne arm. The cooler has a condenser coil with alcohol vapor passing through. The connecting tube is fixed by the means of the union joints to the boiler and the cooler .A crank connected to the horizontal shaft transfers the rotation to the vertical shaft by the gearing. A mixer is attached to the vertical shaft.


The boiler is the most important part of any distillation pot still. The 30 l boilers are manufactured with or without the mixer, with an optional copper sieve. The copper sieve prevents the mash burning during the distillation process. The mixer prevents the mash burning during the distillation process with simple and easy handling. The furnace comes in two options, adjusted to heating with gas or heating with solid fuel (wood, corncobs, etc.). The bottom part has an opening for fuel feed or for fitting a suitable burner. Due to the presence of high temperature, we recommend refractory bricklaying of the furnace bottom part to extend the furnace service life.


The cooler or condenser is a vessel made of galvanized sheet metal and filled with cool water, containing a copper condenser coil. The coil lower part exits the vessel and alcohol distillate drips through it. For complete alcohol distillate condensation, the cooling water temperature shall not exceed 25°C; the maximum temperature on the top surface of the water that is discharged from the vessel shall be 60°C. That is why it is necessary to control the temperature during the brandy distillation process and add cold water if required. At the same time, hot water shall flow out through the overflow tube on the cooler upper edge. If the cooling water is overheated, alcoholic distillate shall not be condensed entirely and it shall evaporate into the air. This can be quickly observed due to the presence of brandy fragrance. The cooler lower part is equipped with a stop valve, through which water is drained upon completed brandy making. The cooler has got three-legged base. The cooler jacket is made of galvanized sheet metal, the thickness of 0.5 mm.


Bottom Copper 99,96% 1mm
Wall Copper 99,96% 0,8mm
Upper part Copper 99,96% 1mm
Cooler Galvanized steel 0,5mm
spiral Copper pipe Ø22x1mm
Connecting pipe Copper pipe Ø22x1mm
Furnace Cold rolled steel 1,5mm
S/M - with mixer    
Solid fuel - wood only